About Us

The Policy Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  We aim to provide non-partisan policy analysis for educating citizens and law makers at all levels of Government.   We are governed by a Board of Directors and strict By-Laws and Organizational Policies.  All governing documents are reviewed on an annual basis.

Lars Lone, Policy Director

Lars, originally from Colorado, moved to Wyoming in 1995.  He joined the United States Navy and served as a Naval Officer for 15 years.  Having served in Afghanistan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, he retired from active duty and joined the Naval Reserves.  Lars has a Bachelor's Degree in Oceanography where he focused on energy resources.  Lars' policy areas he directs are in Private Property and State Land issues.  To contact Lars, email him at Lars@WyomingPolicy.org

Janie White, Executive Director

Janie, originally from Texas, moved to Wyoming in 2001 with her military husband.  With a love for Wyoming's abundant beauty and resources, she took her experience in Human Resources and Accounting at the federal and state levels and created the Policy Institute (along with a few friends).  Janie holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, a graduate of Liberty@Work, a graduate of ThinkTank101 Leadership, a Certificate from National Grant Management Association, a Certificate in Grant Writing and a Wyoming Substitute Teaching Permit.  Janie's interests are in Education and Healthcare.  To contact Janie, email her at Janie@WyomingPolicy.org