The Veteran Affair debacle is outrageous and yet another example of how D.C. is out of touch.

Does anyone honestly believe that any administration has been clueless all this time when we're surrounded by self-serving micromanagers? 

Questioning who is to blame isn't the only thing Congress should be asking; they should also be asking why the VA was exempt from sequestration and furlough in 2013 and yet did not provide any services to those that served our country. 

If Congressional members are honestly unhappy then start DEFUNDING programs and agencies.  Fraud, waste and abuse is running rampant in D.C. with no accountability. 

American voters accepting anything less than defunding fraudulent programs that are supposed to provide services for public benefit but have failed to do so is just another slap in the face to every worker past, present and future.  American veterans have been bullied, had the door slammed in their faces when visiting memorials and now have been mistreated by one of the few benefits they were promised when they enlisted and served 20+ years.  If this were happening to every day elderly, the outcry would be much different.  So America: LET US HEAR YOU.


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